Evaluation of colony formation using the CnT-ST-100 stain kit.

The CnT-ST-100 stain kit can be used to stain fixed cells.

It consists of two different ready-to-use components which can be re-used up to five times.

The stain kit can be used for cells growing on different surfaces:

• Confleuncy in Cell culture inserts: The stain solutions can be used to evaluate cell confluency on polycarbonate and PET membranes. The cells can be stained on mixed cellulose ester membranes, only when ethanol is utilizes as a fixing agent.

• Colony Forming Efficiency: Cells growing on cell culture plastic surface can be stained to monitor for colony forming efficiency, growth pattern etc.

• Cells growing on chamber slides.

The recommended protocol can be found in the Other Protocols page of our resources section.

Printable datasheet

Stain Kit, including Solution I and Solution II

The stain kit can be used to stain fixed cells which were growing on different surfaces. The stain kit consists of two different ready-to-use components. Both stain solutions can be re-used up to five times.

Tissue type
Pack size
100 mL staining kit
Storage / Shelf life
Store at room temperature. See labels for expiry date.
Quality control
Stain kit is tested by staining primary human epithelial cells on cell culture plastics and polycarbonate cell culture inserts.
Shipping condition
Shipped at ambient temperature.
Intended use
For research use only. Not for use in therapy or diagnostics.
CnT-ST-100 is a 100 mL staining kit consisting of:
  • 1x CnT-ST-I (50 mL, red color, will change to orange during use).
  • 1x CnT-ST-II (50 mL, blue color).
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