HDPs human dermal fibroblast progenitors (single donor) are isolated very precisely from the dermal papilla region of the hair follicle.

In contrast with generalist dermal fibroblast cultures, this approach delivers a specific fibroblast sub-population, that is enriched with progenitor cells. In vivo, these cells are thought to be responsible for hair follicle induction, and generation of the important papillary layer of the dermis.

HDP progenitors have a characteristic phenotype, and are often found to respond differently to external challenges and treatments than generalist fibroblast populations (such as the HDF cultures).

The HDP cells are also ideally suited to culture as non-adherent spheres in hanging drop culture, which retains expression of a range of progenitor cell markers, including Sox-2.

The HDP fibroblasts are provided cryopreserved in the fully defind CRYO-Defined culture medium, to maximise recovery after thawing.

The cultures undergo a range of QC tests in our lab before being released for sale, and are also covered by our longevity guarantee. Please see the datasheet for details.

The thawing, seeding and passaging protocols are particularly important for optimal cell growth. Please visit our Protocols Page for our recommendations.

Please visit our publications database and search by tissue type to obtain a range of articles that have used CELLnTEC primary cells and media in this specific field.

Printable datasheet

Dermal Progenitors, Single Donor

Normal human dermal progenitor cells.  Isolated from dermal papilla, cryo preserved at early passage.

This material is of human origin and should therefore be handled as hazardous. Although it has been tested negative for HIV 1, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, treat this material as potentially infectious, and use appropriate biocontainment, protective equipment and other precautions to prevent accidental exposure.
Human, single donor, scalp tissue
Tissue type
Pack size
Vial containing > 5 x 105 viable cells (1 mL)
Culture medium
HDPs cells may be grown as monolayer cultures, or as spheres in hanging-drop cultures.
Recommended seeding density in 2D culture: 4 x 103 cells / cm2   For passaging instructions in 2D and 3D culture, please see General Cultivation Protocol and the Dermal Progenitor 3D Culture Instructions, in the resources section of www.cellntec.com
Av. time to confluence
5 to 7 days (depending on temperature, seeding density and protocol)
Guaranteed to provide more than 15 population doublings when grown in 2D culture in CnT-05.
Storage / Shelf life
Immediately upon arrival transfer the cryo vial to the liquid nitrogen container, until ready to use.
Recommended seeding density after thawing: 4 x 103 cells / cm2. For thawing instructions, please see general cultivation protocol in the resources section of www.cellntec.com
Recommended freezing density: 1 x 106 cells / mL. For freezing instructions, please see general cultivation protocol in the resources section of www.cellntec.com
Quality control
Tested negative for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV-1. Free of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma contamination.
Shipping condition
Cells are shipped on dry ice.
For routine cell cultivation CELLnTEC recommends to work without antibiotics / antimycotics.
Intended use
For research use only. Not for use in therapy or diagnostics.
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